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What Are The Industrial Applications Of Hot Air Welding Machines?
Aug 29, 2018

Nowadays, the Hot Air Welding Machine has been widely used in the car manufacturing industry, such as the car chassis, the seat frame, the guide rail, the muffler and the torque converter, especially in the welding production of the car chassis.

Hot Air Welding Machine features:

1. Welding object: longitudinal seam outside the cylinder, the appearance of the flat panel is beautiful, the texture is uniform, the width of the weld is narrow, and the height is basically the same.

2. It adopts cantilever type single column structure, which mainly consists of bed body, pneumatic key plate clamp, beam guide, mandrel, electric carriage, pneumatic lifting mechanism of welding torch, three-dimensional adjustment mechanism of welding torch, pneumatic system and electrical control system.

3. The pneumatic key pressing design ensures the function of eliminating the gap during the whole welding length range and evenly pressing the workpiece. The copper pad ensures the back surface of the weld, the back protection air cushion and the water cooling function are selected to meet the high quality welding requirements.

The pneumatic pressing key has a special pressing mechanism, and the one side key pressing finger has a forward component force when the workpiece is pressed down, and the longitudinal seam assembly gap can be automatically eliminated. All the key plate presses the workpiece evenly through the flexible airbag in the whole length of the workpiece. The welding pad with the welding mandrel provides good heat dissipation and cooling protection for the workpiece, which provides reliable guarantee for high quality, high efficiency and deformation free welding of thin wall workpiece. For thick-walled workpieces, the wire feeding mechanism is selected according to actual needs, and the automatic wire feeding program is programmed into the PLC and the text display, and the various actions of the automatic welding are realized simultaneously with the special machine equipment control system. Select carbon dioxide welding or argon arc welding wire according to actual needs.

4. The welding gun adopts a pneumatic lifting mechanism. The welding torch driven by the DC servo motor linearly moves the carriage and the guide rail.

5. Pneumatic piano-type clamps and copper liners ensure uniform pressure and back formation of welds. 

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