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Welding Parameter Setting When Welding Metal Chrome Using Automatic Hot Air Welding Machine
Aug 29, 2018

The role of the Hot Air Welding Machine is mainly for the Hot Air Welding Machine that connects the metals together, and the different Hot Air Welding Machines can use the metal Hot Air Welding Machine of the non-child nature. Common weldments are stainless steel, aluminum, low alloys, etc. It is the same Hot Air Welding Machine that welds them because of the welding function and the welding materials, so their welding quality will also be different. In the metal, the chrome metal can be said to be a stinky and hard metal, which has certain welding. Difficulty.

How to weld metal chromium using an automatic Hot Air Welding Machine? The environmental requirements should be kept dry. During the welding, the welding parts and the solder should be controlled. The welding current and arc should not be too long and too long. The layers should be cooled quickly. The narrow weld bead should be used to prevent heating. Corrosion between the eyes. The automatic Hot Air Welding Machine has a long hardening property for the welding of chromium, and is prone to cracks. Therefore, the preheating of the weldment and the slow cooling after welding are required, and the temperature is above 300 °C and about 700 °C, respectively. This is a matter to be aware of when using automatic welding of chrome metal weldments. Different Hot Air Welding Machines have different welding parameters for chrome. So you need to pay attention.

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