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Trend Of Working Principle Based On Mechanical Structure Of Automatic Hot Air Welding Machine
Aug 29, 2018

On the basis of the mechanical structure of the automatic Hot Air Welding Machine, combined with the working principle, the overall scheme of the control system is designed. In order to meet the requirements of the control system, the hardware structure of the control system is designed, and then the main hardware such as PLC, servo system and touch screen are selected. The input and output points of the PLC and the key pins of the servo system are configured accordingly. In addition, in order to facilitate the layout and maintenance of the line, the electrical system of the automatic seam Hot Air Welding Machine is designed, including the main circuit design, X, Y, C axis servo system circuit design, PLC input circuit design, PLC output circuit design.

The current automated Hot Air Welding Machine automatic production and testing has been widely used in industrial and agricultural processing and production, improving work efficiency and improving product competitiveness and efficiency. In China, more and more companies and units are beginning to pay attention to and introduce automated production, but the automation applications in ultra-micro and traditional industries are in a weaker stage. The in-ear receiver products are ultra-small, complex, and cumbersome. The problem is that there is no suitable supporting machine available in the market, so a fully automatic, multi-welding Hot Air Welding Machine system is developed to reduce the burden of manual assembly and improve production efficiency.

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