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Domestic Technical Analysis Of Automatic Hot Air Welding Machine Servo Control Technology
Aug 29, 2018

Automatic Hot Air Welding Machine servo control technology is a bottleneck factor that restricts the automation level of welding equipment in China. In this research, the automatic welding servo control technology of complex intersecting line joints is studied in view of the current low level of automation of domestic welding equipment, poor welding quality and less research on related technologies. Firstly, the paper developed a five-axis automatic Hot Air Welding Machine for the purpose of achieving complex intersecting seam welding. The design and manufacture of the welding gun attitude control mechanism and the automatic clamping system of the machine tool, and established the "PC + The economical numerical control architecture of the universal digital I/O card + stepping motor realizes the open-loop control of the five-degree-of-freedom welding motion mechanism by the upper computer. In addition, this paper is also based on the strong interference characteristics of the welding site. The possible interference sources start from both hardware and software, and take corresponding anti-interference measures. Based on the above hardware platform, the mathematical model of intersecting wire weld and torch attitude is established by taking the intersecting double pipe as an example. Based on the welding precision as the constraint, the corresponding controllable step length real-time insertion is derived. Complement the control algorithm to complete the coarse interpolation operation on the intersecting wire weld. After that, the five-axis displacement obtained by the coarse interpolation is converted into the pulse control sequence of the single-axis stepping motor and combined, and the data in the integrated time control array is sent to the drive through the I/O card in the form of a table. The drive actuator is operated to complete the fine interpolation of the intersecting wire welds. Finally, using MATLAB tool software to simulate the welding trajectory of the welding gun after coarse and fine two-stage interpolation, the correctness of the interpolation algorithm designed in this paper is verified.

China's automatic Hot Air Welding Machine has also achieved a lot of results with the support of the "863" plan. Among them, the most prominent one is the underwater robot. The result of the 6000m underwater cableless robot is the world's leading level. It also develops direct remote control robots, dual-arm coordinated control robots, wall climbing robots, pipeline robots, etc. A lot of work has been carried out on the development and application of basic technologies such as force, touch and sound, and it has a certain development foundation. However, in the development and application of multi-sensor information fusion control technology, remote control plus local autonomous system remote control robot, intelligent assembly robot, robotic machinery, etc., it has just started, and the gap with foreign advanced level is large, and it needs to be based on the original results. Focusing on systematic research, we can form a system to provide practical technology and products, with a view to standing in the world's first stage in the late 10th Five-Year Plan.

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