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Do You Know How To Maintain The Automatic Hot Air Welding Machine?
Aug 29, 2018

People are afraid of getting old, so they will do maintenance. If you want to live longer, you will also eat health supplements to keep your body healthy. In fact, every item has its own existence value, and we need to maintain it. The same is true for automatic Hot Air Welding Machines. If you want it to work better, it will be used for a long time. It should be like life. If you are good to it, it will be more live and good, so please have automatic Hot Air Welding Machine. People need to be well maintained, so how to maintain it? I will introduce you to a few simple small methods:

the first. The parts of the automatic Hot Air Welding Machine, especially some freely rotating places, give the lubricant on the spindle of the automatic Hot Air Welding Machine spindle and the linear guide every day. The lubricant used frequently is actually the oil. The quality of the oil is also very important. Use poor quality oil, otherwise it is counterproductive.

Second, a small brush every day to clean the welding slag splashed on the car and on the organ cover during the welding process, remember to never use air to blow. It is too laborious to clean up.

Third, it is also necessary to check and check whether the movements of various moving parts are normal every day. If the air compressor and the protective gas line are found to be leaking, they should be solved in time. If you don't know how to deal with it, you will call the person who will handle it or contact our factory. The after-sales staff consults the processing method. Do you understand these things?

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