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Zhengzhou Liudu Equipment Co LTD Develops Fire Safety Training
Nov 06, 2018


Combining with fire cases in recent years, officer Zhong vividly expounded the importance of popularizing fire safety knowledge and improving fire awareness in the form of videos, pictures and words. It was thought-provoking to see the tragedy caused by the lack of relevant fire knowledge. Then, the instructor explained the basic knowledge of fire control. From the four aspects of "fire prevention", "fire extinguishing", "escape" and "self-rescue", he introduced the causes of fire in detail, how to prevent fire, the basic knowledge of fire escape, the types of fire extinguishers and the correct operation methods, and a series of fire safety knowledge.

Through this fire safety training, the whole staff of our company will further enhance the fire awareness of "hidden danger is more dangerous than open fire, prevention is better than disaster relief, responsibility is more important than Mount Tai". Our company requires employees to make a long alarm bell, give priority to prevention, combine prevention with elimination, and purchase a large number of fire safety appliances for use, make sure to nip in the bud,  and creates a good fire safety environment for the company's safety in production.

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