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Automatic Hot Air Welding Machine Use Environment Requirements
Aug 29, 2018

The Automatic Hot Air Welding Machine can realize the mechanization and automation of the welding process, can replace the labor in a large amount, greatly improve the production efficiency and welding quality, reduce the labor cost, and improve the working environment of the welding workers. However, when using an automatic welder, do you know that the automatic welder needs to make the necessary adjustments according to different environments.

1. When the automatic welding machine is working, the gas path and water cooling system should be unblocked. The gas should be kept dry. The drainage temperature must not exceed 40 ° C, and the displacement can be adjusted according to the temperature. It is strictly forbidden to disconnect the fuse during arc ignition. When removing weld slag, wear protective goggles and the head should avoid the direction of the slag splash. It is not allowed to be welded in the open air on rainy days. When working in wet areas, it includes both full natural ventilation and full mechanical ventilation.

2. Full natural ventilation through the side windows and skylights of the workshop for natural ventilation. The comprehensive mechanical ventilation is composed of pipes and fans to form a ventilation system for ventilation and ventilation in the whole workshop. There are three ways of pumping and exhausting smoke, exhausting smoke and horizontal exhausting. The automatic welding machine used on site shall be equipped with a shed that is protected from rain, moisture and sun, and shall be equipped with corresponding fire-fighting equipment. When welding or cutting at high altitude, the seat belt must be fastened. Fire protection measures should be taken around and under the welding. Personnel should be supervised. The operator should stand in the place where the insulation is placed, and wear insulated shoes.

The Automatic Hot Air Welding Machine has already understood the requirements of the use environment. The straight seam automatic welding machine only marks higher welding production efficiency and better welding quality, and also greatly improves the production working conditions.

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