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Automatic Hot Air Welding Machine Structure Precision
Aug 29, 2018

Hot Air Welding Machine equipment is one of the longest used industrial equipments in the industry. In many hardware industries, the connection between metal and metal is inseparable from the Hot Air Welding Machine. It is the shadow of many industries, according to different The nature, size and thickness of metal materials use different functions as welding equipment. Today, most Hot Air Welding Machines are more automatic Hot Air Welding Machines. Whether it is a simple workpiece or a complex workpiece, the automatic Hot Air Welding Machine can do the job.

The automatic Hot Air Welding Machine is a device with precise structure and complicated structure. It consists of three key components: welding energy equipment, welding head and welding control system. The welding head, no doubt, is the part of the weld that is in direct contact with the weldment. The automatic Hot Air Welding Machine has automatic feeding mechanism and auxiliary equipment. The auxiliary equipment is the thing that helps to move. Please pay attention to the static and dynamic clamping and clamping mechanism of the welding head when welding, and the moving fixture welding equipment and top. Forging mechanism. Control system: equivalent to the brain of the automatic Hot Air Welding Machine, maintaining, maintaining and guiding the normal and orderly operation of the automatic Hot Air Welding Machine. It contains sophisticated and efficient electronic circuits, digital circuits and microprocessors.

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