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Automatic Hot Air Welding Machine Operation And Related Operations
Aug 29, 2018

The operation of the automatic Hot Air Welding Machine equipment, the corresponding function of the control panel of the Hot Air Welding Machine has an indicator light, and the corresponding indicator light is illuminated during the use process to perform the corresponding operation. Pay special attention to the fact that when the welder overheats, the internal temperature indicator will be illuminated. At this time, pay attention to controlling the use time of the welder or suspending the use of the equipment.

1. The automatic Hot Air Welding Machine is equipped with electric heating CO2 gas pressure reducer as required.

2. It must be preheated for 5-10 minutes before use;

3. Slowly open the valve on the cylinder (speed about 5 degrees / sec), then observe that the pointer of the pressure gauge is slowly raised, and then stop on the appropriate scale.

4. Close the electric switch air box of the automatic Hot Air Welding Machine equipment to power on the equipment, check the electric box and the fuselage for leakage (the next step is found after the leakage is found to be excluded).

5. Check if the indicator light on the side of the electrical box is normal. If the abnormality has to be eliminated, proceed to the next step.

6. Check if the gearbox is filled with lubricating oil and find that the abnormality must be handled according to the maintenance specifications of this reducer.

7. Carry out the idling of the equipment, check whether the gearbox, gear, motor and other transmissions have abnormal noise and overheating. If abnormalities are found, the next step is to be carried out.

8. Select the correct working state on the operation panel: “Debug” gear is suitable for manual control of the machine; “Auto” gear is suitable for programmatic automatic welding.

9. Adjust the appropriate parameters (table rotation speed) and correct steering to start the equipment for normal operation and operation.

10. The automatic Hot Air Welding Machine can perform function selection and partial parameter setting on the welder.

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