What are the components of the automatic Hot Air Welding Machine?
Aug 29, 2018

With the continuous development of digitalization and automation, and the high importance attached to the quality of welding, automatic Hot Air Welding Machines have developed into an advanced manufacturing technology. The welding technology of automatic Hot Air Welding Machines is becoming more and more mature, and the equipment is increasingly favored by the majority of manufacturers. ! Let me introduce the composition of the automatic Hot Air Welding Machine so that everyone can understand it more comprehensively!

1. Welding power source: The output power and welding characteristics should be matched with the welding method to be used. The automatic Hot Air Welding Machine is equipped with an interface connected with the main controller;

2, Hot Air Welding Machine head: This part is mainly composed of welding head support frame, hanging type carriage and other precision welding head mechanism, the drive system should use servo motor with encoder;

3. Weldment movement or displacement mechanism: It is mainly a precision moving displacement mechanism composed of welding roller frame, head and tail frame turning machine, rotary platform and positioner;

4. Auxiliary device: This part of the system is the wire feeding system, circulating water cooling system, flux recovery and conveying device, wire holder, cable hose and drag chain mechanism structure design electrical control design three parts.

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