It is forbidden to use force to push the iron tip when soldering the automatic Hot Air Welding Machine.
Aug 29, 2018

At present, the factory uses constant temperature high-frequency lead-free soldering station. In some cases, improper operation causes the transformer and some electronic components to burn out. Automatic soldering machine, lead-free soldering station use method and precautions. Automatic soldering machine in lead-free soldering. The tensile strength, initial strength, and long-term strength change are superior to manual soldering, and the ductility is the same as that of artificial solder, and the cost of automatic soldering is also low. In terms of solder cost and environmental protection, automatic lead-free solder is suitable for replacing artificial solder. The main advantage of lead-free soldering in automatic Hot Air Welding Machines is that they cannot be replaced by personnel. Then when using the automatic Hot Air Welding Machine, it must be well maintained. The automatic Hot Air Welding Machine can extend its life. Then we follow the small series to see how the automatic Hot Air Welding Machine can be regularly tested:

The production of the automatic Hot Air Welding Machine needs to be confirmed and produced for a long time, so the equipment must be maintained during the process of using the automatic Hot Air Welding Machine, especially in the usual maintenance work. The automatic soldering machine is well maintained, the automatic Hot Air Welding Machine is also relatively easy to use, and the benefits are easy to improve. Many automatic Hot Air Welding Machine employees may not pay attention to this maintenance, which causes many problems when the machine is not produced for a long time.

Detect all power sources. This is our first priority, because many times the faults are in this place. The interruption of production due to a short circuit of a power supply is common. So we must deal with this problem in the first step. Not because of other things, but partly because their soldering may be interrupted by some problems with the power supply. The gas source is also the same principle, and production cannot be stopped at a critical time due to gas.

1. Once the soldering iron head oxidation phenomenon (commonly known as dead head) occurs, the automatic Hot Air Welding Machine can grind the soldering iron tip several times in the place where the solder is much. This can reduce the area of the dead head, and the dead end will disappear.

2. The lead-free soldering iron tip should be as close as possible to the component leads.

3. When soldering large-area grounding or using lead-free solder components, the temperature can be adjusted to about 400-450 degrees, and the heating time can be slightly longer. After soldering such components, the temperature must be adjusted to about 300 to 400 degrees.

4. When black iron stains are found on the soldering iron tip, the dirt should be removed immediately to prevent oxidation of the soldering iron tip (commonly known as dead head).

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