Introduction to the method of preventing false welding of automatic Hot Air Welding Machine
Aug 30, 2018

To prevent false welding of automatic seam welders, we generally need to pay attention to the following aspects:

(1) First check whether the weld joint surface of the weldment has any rust, oil and other impurities, or unevenness and poor contact, which will increase the contact resistance, reduce the current, and the temperature of the welded joint surface is insufficient;

(2) Check whether the weld amount of the weld is normal, Hot Air Welding Machine and whether there is a decrease in the amount of overlap on the drive side or cracking. The reduction in the amount of overlap causes the joint area of the front and rear steel strips to be too small, so that the total force receiving surface is reduced and cannot withstand a large tension. In particular, the driving side cracking phenomenon will cause stress concentration, and the cracking will become larger and larger, and finally pull off;

(3) Check whether the current setting meets the process regulations, and whether the current setting does not increase correspondingly when the thickness of the product changes, so that the welding current is insufficient and the welding is poor;

(4) Check if the pressure of the welding wheel is reasonable. Hot Air Welding Machine If the pressure of the medium frequency spot welding machine is not enough, the contact current will be too large, and the actual current will decrease. Although the welding controller of the medium frequency Hot Air Welding Machine has a constant current control mode, the resistance increases more than certain. The range (usually 15%) will exceed the limit of current compensation, and the current cannot increase with the increase of resistance, which will not reach the set value. In this case, an alarm will be issued when the seam welder system is working properly.

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