How to operate banner welding machine and notice
Oct 12, 2018


1. Make the cloth for seaming flat and put it underneath.Fix both ends by adhesive tape or something else. 
2. The overlap width of the two pieces is about 3-mm, the width of the nozzle of hot seaming machine. 
3. Put the machine nozzle between two overlap pieces.The press-wheel should be at left side of nozzle.The nozzle also need align with side of upper piece of cloth. 
4. Switch on the motor power and then adjust speed. 
5. Turn on the movement switch. 
6. Press heating power key to adjust temperature. 
7 Turn the bar by anticlockwise to fix the position to startup automatic movement.The machine will go along with the overlap path by itself. 
8. Turn the bar by clockwise to cease the automatic work. 
9. The operator should control the moving direction and make sure the nozzle connect both with upper and under piece of cloth. 


1. During operating, if the surface cloth is dissolved and scorched or the cloth are not sticked together, please stop to adjust the temperature or speed. 
2. During operating,if the seaming part is not in right position, please stop to adjust fixing position. 
3. During operating, make sure clothes are flat so that stick together smoothly. 
The hot wind of heater cannot touch the press-wheel or the rubber of press-wheel is easy to be burned down. 
Adjust temperature to zero before turn off the heater.Switch off after 5-10 minutes.

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