Briefly describe how the automatic Hot Air Welding Machine works?
Aug 29, 2018

1. Generally, the cantilever structure is adopted, and the two cantilever beams are annealed after stress treatment to ensure that the beam does not deform for a long time;

2, pneumatic piano key compression structure, closely arranged along the sides of the straight seam, automatic Hot Air Welding Machine to ensure that the butt weld is evenly pressed within the entire welding length; then the spacing of the left and right keys can be adjusted to adapt to different workpieces welding;

3. According to the thickness of the workpiece, the airbag type or the cylinder type can be used, so that sufficient pressing force is ensured to prevent thermal deformation during the welding process;

Automatic Hot Air Welding Machine

4. The welding mandrel is inlaid with copper tires to provide weld back gas protection; the automatic Hot Air Welding Machine processes different welding process grooves according to the cylinder or flat workpiece to achieve double-sided forming of single-sided welding;

5. The spacing between the welding mandrel and the key pressure finger can be adjusted to meet the welding requirements of different workpieces;

6. The welding torch is driven by DC servo motor, gear rack and pinion, the track surface is ground and processed, the walking is stable, and the welding is stable and reliable.

7. All air pipes and cables are placed in the towline, and the appearance is neat and beautiful, while avoiding cable breakage.

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