Automatic Hot Air Welding Machine operation precautions
Aug 29, 2018

1. The operator must be qualified for training before being put into operation.

2. Operators must wear labor protection products to prevent electric shock, burns, arc injury and mechanical damage.

3. The welding site should maintain a good safety environment. Objects that are harmful to safety should be cleaned, fireproof, explosion-proof, dust-proof and ventilated.

4. Check whether the Hot Air Welding Machine is normal before going to work. It is necessary to lubricate the lubrication points of the automatic Hot Air Welding Machine according to the regulations to keep the moving parts flexible.

5, after inspection without problems, according to the welding method and welding process adjustment equipment for welding.

6, the welding of the welding should pay attention to safety, to be light, the position should be placed correctly.

7, a variety of different welding methods should be in accordance with the provisions of the instructions.

8. During the welding process, always pay attention to the flexibility of each stroke switch operation, whether the mechanical protection block of the automatic Hot Air Welding Machine is loose or damaged, and the problem should be reported to the production manager for dispatch.

9. When adding flux to the funnel, the automatic Hot Air Welding Machine should not sprinkle the flux on the lead screw and the guide post to avoid accelerated wear and seizure. If it is spilled, it must be cleaned up in time.

10. At the end of the work, the power should be cut off, the site should be cleaned, and the dust of the moving parts of the guide rails, screw rods and nuts should be cleaned.

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