Automatic Hot Air Welding Machine in the use of jacket platform
Aug 29, 2018

The jacket platform is the steel structure foundation of the offshore oil platform. The welding of the pile tube in the jacket platform is an indispensable part of the installation of the jacket. The welding of the jacket of the jacket has such a characteristic that the diameter of the steel pipe is large, most of them Above 600mm, and the pipe diameter is various; the wall thickness is thicker, generally more than 20mm, the welding workload is large; the pipe and the pipe intersect in various forms, and the welding is difficult.

At present, the method of manual arc welding is adopted at home and abroad. The T-joint of the welded jacket is characterized by the wall thickness, large diameter and large welding workload of the pile tube. The efficiency of manual welding is extremely low, and the welding quality is difficult to maintain. The automatic Hot Air Welding Machine delays the construction period and greatly increases the cost of the project. This type of problem can be solved very well by using a jacket platform welder:

The operation is simple, the operation of the robot does not require any academic requirements, and the basic Chinese characters can be recognized, which is simpler than using a mobile phone;

Automatic Hot Air Welding Machine price

The mechanical structure is simple, the robot arm body is formed by one-time casting of high-strength aluminum alloy, and the structure is simple, and the mechanical failure rate is minimized;

Easy-to-use human-computer interaction design, even without professional training, the first time you use this robot, you can easily control the robot by following the steps on the screen.

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