Automatic Hot Air Welding Machine features and functions
Aug 29, 2018

Automatic Hot Air Welding Machine is a kind of mechanical equipment that integrates motor control technology, single-chip control technology, PLC control technology and digital control technology. Nowadays, it has been widely used in the fields of automobile and shipbuilding, metal processing, machining, hardware, home appliances, plastics, steel structures, pressure vessels, aerospace, etc. It can be seen that the development space of automatic Hot Air Welding Machines is extremely broad. Below, I will introduce the features and functions of the automatic Hot Air Welding Machine to see if it can meet everyone's needs.

First: It is a highly automated machine. The two steps of cutting the filter paper and welding the filter can be carried out simultaneously.

Second: (1) The rotary type ultrasonic automatic Hot Air Welding Machine is very fast, and it takes only one second to complete the welding;

(2) The cleaning work does not require the use of flux, on the one hand, the risk of contamination is greatly reduced, on the other hand, the cost is reduced and the processing can be repeated.

Third: The ultrasonic system, electrical configuration, control parts and other accessories used by it are imported, and the machine runs very accurately and stably.

Fourth: It is controlled by the PLC program, and the operation is simple and convenient.

Fifth: The whole machine is made of alloy aluminum, which is not only strong and beautiful.

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