Automatic Hot Air Welding Machine equipment details
Aug 29, 2018

(1) Automatic Hot Air Welding Machine tool body NZC type Hot Air Welding Machine tool is frame-type structure, adopting modular design, compact structure and strong versatility. The motor is used to drive the rack and pinion as the support of the wire feeding mechanism and drive the wire feeding mechanism to make linear motion. Reliable and stable. It is easy to operate on different workpieces, which makes the machine body simple and flexible, easy to arrange in the workshop, better stability and high repeatability.

(2), machine control system The control of the machine control cabinet is based on the PLC of Omron Company. It uses industrial man-machine interface to control the system through digital setting. Two steps of the 2D pallet of the machine by the drive module The motor provides the driving power supply, and has the ability to provide four stepping motor shaft synchronous coordinated control, and coordinate with the different frequency speed of the variable frequency motor to complete the welding seam swing during the welding process, welding the machine tool, multi-channel, lifting and displacement. With a friendly and simple programming interface, the Chinese prompt button makes the operator more easy to learn and comfortable. Distributed hardware architecture and reduced instruction set software ensure tight timing and task execution. The memory capacity is up to 120,000 steps, the external I/O point is 32 points, and it can be expanded to store different programs for different workpieces. The swing welding can store 100 sets of programs and can weld up to 10 layers of welds. Multi-layer multi-pass welding can also store 100 sets of programs, each of which can continuously increase the displacement welding by 30 channels. Open architecture, RS232 interface, easy to connect with PC and internet. In addition, the self-circulating ventilation system with filter can guarantee normal operation from 0 °C to 50 °C. (3) Touch-type industrial-level man-machine interface The machine system is equipped with a large-screen color display interface. The operation is simple and clear, with online welding parameter modification and welding workload actual monitoring display function. It is possible to modify the number of weld layers and the displacement of multiple welds (left shift, right shift). The left, right, and middle welding direction transition pause times can be modified during the swing welding process to make the weld be flat. It mainly includes a mount, an active head base, a driven head base, a rotating support frame, and a pneumatic system. Active head Hot Air Welding Machine main power source for driving the rotation of the work gear, with the gun control with the welding work in conjunction with three-jaw chuck, and from the conductive effect. From the motive head, there is no power transmission, which supports and tightens. The active head adopts an AC motor, and the high-quality reducer performs deceleration, and the repeat positioning accuracy is accurate. The reducer is connected to the flange of the mounting fixture by means of a support bearing. It is equipped with a rotary encoder for high-precision control of the park. Hot Air Welding Machine The rotating support frame and the compression ring are used to support the rotation and fixation of the workpiece, and support and fix the workpiece.

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