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220 V 3400 W PVC Welding Machine

High speed, high matching, high-end models, provide customized, can make the ultimate efficiency, suitable for medium, large, ultra-large jet production companies
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Volvage             Frequency220V                               60HZ
Temperature   range0-700℃
Walk speed1-15m/min
Welding width3.5-4.5cm
Auto-dormancyEquiped   with automatic dormancy function,after machine finished work, under the   condition of no shutdown,it will automatically sleep for about 15   minutes.This function can protect the heating core and extend the life of the   machine.
Landing gear /   universal wheelConfiguration   of landing gear and four universal wheels, the machine finished work, the   landing gear set up, universal wheel next to the ground, you can push the   machine to go, so moving the machine is convenient.
Automatic   adjustment functionConfigured   with automatic adjustment function, a little unevenness on the ground can be   automatically adjusted, so that the welding more perfect to avoid missing   spelling caused by unevenness on the ground.
HandrailIron   handrail,standing operation, machine work go, gently move the handrail can be   corrected.
temperature   controlDigital   constant temperature control, LCD display, can be more accurate display of   temperature, temperature fluctuation (± degrees), temperature control more   accurate.
Heating coreImported   heating wire, stable quality, high temperature and long life.
Net weight25kg
Gross weight35kg
Packing methodWooden
Packing Size55*35*41cm
Brief   introductionThis   model is high-power high-end machine, power and heat supply fast, thin cloth   thick cloth can be very perfect splicing, for thin cloth, splicing flat,   solid, fast and efficient speed; for the thick  materials, such as tarpaulin, waterproof   materials, curtain door materials are also splicing solid, will not appear   sticky phenomenon. This machine is a good assistant for inkjet printing and   waterproof and rolling shutter company.

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