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Hemming Banner Welding Machine

PVC Flex Hemming Banner Welding Machine

Portable Advertising Banner Welding Machine Is powerful with high welding speed and good welding quality,it is available for flex banners,pvc tent,tarpaulin,TOP roofing materials and other hot melt plastic materials. This welder is of advanced heating technology. It is small, light, stable and easy to be operated, which is suitable for advertising cloth jointing,it can also do hem welding and rope welding.
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Volvage           Frequency220V   60HZ                           
Heat gunWeldy heat gun,more   uniform air
Temperature   range0-650℃
Walk speed1-10m/min
welding width2.5-3.8cm
welding thickness0.2-3.8cm
Temperature controlDigital   constant temperature, digital display, temperature control precision,   temperature floating ±5℃
Heating coreWeldy   heating core,high temperature resistance and long life.
HandrailIron   handrail,standing operation, machine work go, gently move the handrail can be   corrected.
Basic configurationEquipped   with handrail, can stand operation, infrared laser assisted positioning,   avoid splicing deviation, LED night light, more convenient at night.
Net weight17kg
Gross weight26kg
Packing methodWooden
Packing Size55*35*41cm
Brief introduction This   model of machine is equipped with world famous brand, weldy heat gun, stable   performance, wide range of applications, suitable for spray-painted cloth,   tarpaulin, mesh cloth, knife and scraper and so on.

TOP2000C Advantaged of PVC Flex Hemming Banner Welding Machine
1.Equipped Weldy heat gun made by Leister
2.LED display,set and actual temperature can see clearly              
3.LED light,more convenient work in night.
4.Having Handrail,can operate with stand              
5.Universal wheel,can push it on group after finish welding






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